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Diploma in Studio Work


The Studio work course is an occupational & vocational training programme that is structured to train Learners as an effective Sound & Music Professionals. This qualification is aimed at giving the learners technical, theoretical and practical knowledge required in the studio and the live environments.

The Design of this Studio Work qualification will enable learners to progressively obtain 3 different certificates by Completing N4, N5 and N6 in studio works either separately with breaks in between, or in one extended study period of 18months and then apply the theoretical knowledge and skills learned in the workplace for an extended period. This qualification enables the learners to be employed within the Music/Audio industry as Sound technicians, Music Producers and Studio Engineers.

Learning Outcome
  • Manage a studio for routine operations
  • Prepare for Sound Engineering for productions
  • Set up, test and maintain sound equipment
  • Engineer sound for productions
  • Plan sound productions to ensure optimal use of resources
  • Engineer sound for recordings and productions
Subject/ Modules
  • Music Business and style N4-N6
  • Arranging and production N4-N6
  • Electronic music and keyboard technique N4-N6
  • Sound engineering N4-N6

Registration Requirement
  • Grade 12 or an NQF level 3
  • Computer literacy
  • English language (spoken and written)
  • Music aptitude

Tuition Fee

Other Course Features

Learning Material

  • Study Guides are included in the Tuition Fee


  • The course is presented but (not limited) on the latest version of “Logic Pro X” and “Cubase” Digital Audio Workstation Software.
  • In order to work remotely as well, it is recommended that students obtain their own licenses of the primary software platforms.
  • Registered students qualify for up to 50% student discount on software and hardware.

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