Frequently Ask Questions

An information booklet with all the details is sent to prospective students after they have applied for admission. This booklet provides all dates, times and places of registration.
During registration, you will be assisted to complete all necessary documents. No registration documents can be forwarded to you nor can you complete these prior to your visit to the Campus (excluding the application document). Remember that your admission into a programme of your choice always depends on the available space and the required minimum of students that must enrol for a particular programme before it could be offered.

Yes, there are bursaries for all programmes
Information on bursaries is placed on the notice boards on our Campus on a continual basis or you can ask your Student Support Officer.
There is a detailed application process that needs to be followed.
Closing dates for bursary applications will be placed on the notice boards but you will also be able to find out through your Student Support Officer.

Original or certified copies of your Identity document
Salary advice of your parents
Identity documents of your family members
Original or certified copy of your latest results
Proof of address

All text books and learning material are provided free of charge by the College.
The text books remain the property of the College and are only made available to our students for their year of study. Text books have to be handed back to the College after you have completed your year.

  • Yes, the College policy in Inclusive Education provides for the admission of these students with certain boundaries.
  • Please consult the Student Support Officer of the programme Manager/Leader
  • As from August the previous year the students can apply for admission and selection to a programme at the College.
  • All application documents are available on the College website www.revolutionmusicacademy.co.za or at the Reception desk at the Campus where you want to apply.
  • Once we receive your application all relevant documents and information will be dispatched to you.

Revolution Media Music & Sound Engineering College is an Accredited QCTO Private & Education Skill Development Provider. Accreditation No: Johannesburg Campus:
(QCTO NATED /15/0150) – Pretoria Campus: (SDP1220/17/00348)
 MICT SETA Accredited Education & training Provider MICT SETA Accreditation: (2014/07/174). Department of Higher Education Examination Centre. JHB Reg No: 899992827 | PTA Reg No:899992875 and Steinberg international Certified training Centre.

Revolution media academy offers distance learning on selected courses.
Please consult the College Administrator for more information.