Radio Production

National Certificate: Radio Production

12 Months Programme | SAQA ID: 62069 | NQF Level 5

Upon completion of the qualification:

Graduates will be well-prepared for employment in the Radio Industry, Graduate will benefit from practical internships and career guidance, ensuring a seamless transition to a successful broadcasting career.
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  • 12 Month Full Time 
  • 18 Month Part time

The Learner will be subjected to both Internal and External assessments  which will encompass formative and Summative Assignment, Tests and upon successfully completing the Summative assessment, learners will qualify for certification. The certification will be granted by the MICT SETA  & QCTO, affirming that the learner has attained the necessary competencies and is officially recognized as a qualified Radio Producer

Completing a Radio Production Course opens the door to a wide range of exciting careers in broadcasting and media. Graduates can pursue roles such as radio producers, audio content creators, hosts, sound editors, voiceover artists, station managers, and more. They can excel as podcast producers, audio engineers, or contribute to advertising and promotions. The field offers opportunities in scripting, journalism, and music direction, reflecting its diverse and creative nature within the media industry.

  • Gain hands-on expertise, learn from experienced faculty, and engage in real-world simulations.
  • Access cutting-edge technology and versatile skills, while networking with professionals.
  • Explore diverse career pathways, express your creativity, and benefit from industry-linked projects.
  • Practical internships and career guidance ensure a seamless transition to a successful broadcasting career. Unleash your potential in the dynamic realm of radio and media.

To enroll, simply apply online. There is no application fee required. However, upon acceptance, you will need to make a deposit payment or adhere to your designated payment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course offers a distance learning option, providing flexibility for students who can’t attend on-site classes. 

A high school matriculation certificate is a prerequisite for enrolling in this course. If you do not possess a matric certificate, an alternative pathway to eligibility involves enrolling in our Sound Technology or Film and Television programs. This will enable you to meet the qualification requirements for this course.

No, we are a private institution and NSFAS does not fund private intuition. Check our https://www.fundi.co.za/ a leading education finance provider that can assist you with fees funding or loans.

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