Scholarship and Bursaries


As part of promoting and providing quality Media/IT/Music education at low-cost to previously disadvantage and also addressing educational training & Training backlogs, Revolution Media College offers 10 Scholarships to prospective applicants who are in financial need and has academic potential Every Year. This Scholarship is sponsored by Revolution Academic Board.

Follow this process to get your Scholarship/bursaries Approved

Follow this process to get your Scholarship Approved
  1. 1. Application forms that are incomplete will be disregarded. Please ensure that you attach proof of academic results: current matriculants do not need to provide preliminary results – final grade 11 will suffice.
  2. 2. Applications open August every year and close on 30 October annually for bursaries for the following year.
  3. 3. Scholarships will only be allocated for next year.
  4. 4. You must supply all the information requested or explain why you cannot provide it.
  5. 5. Applicants applying for a scholarship with less than a B symbol in mathematics and English will not be considered.
  6. 6. Do not send original documents, please attach copies.
  7. 7. A passport size photograph of the applicant must be attached to the top right-hand of the front page.
  8. 8. It is your responsibility to apply for many funding options/bursaries.
  9. 9. Please note that if you have not received feedback from us by 18th November note that your application was unsuccessful

Documents to be submitted with the application form(if and where applicable)

  • A certified copy of this year’s June exam results or an appropriate progress report if no examination was written.
  • A copy of your final results if you have completed your NSC (matric).
  • Your Academic record if you are currently studying at Revolution Media Academy.
  • Two testimonials: The first by a responsible educational official (e.g. your principal or lecturer) and the other by a community leader (e.g. your spiritual leader, local civic leader, etc.). See Sections 5 and 6.
  • An essay on your life. This essay must be written by you personally. Your parent/guardian/friend may include a letter of recommendation.
  • Proof of income/salary* of a parent(s) or guardian. (*e.g. payslip or letter from employer or sworn statement or tax return statement).
  • A certified copy of your South African Identity Document (ID).

The main criteria used in the selection of successful applicants are in financial need, academic potential and career-oriented study programmes. Preference is also given to applicants from rural areas and to female applicants. Other selection criteria are:

   Scholarship Amounts 
RMA award two kinds of bursaries: Partial bursaries and full cost bursaries.

  1. Partial Scholarship cover around 50% of the total tuition cost of studying per year. They are sponsored by Revolution Academic Board.
  2. Full-cost bursaries cover all study-related tuition costs according to a formula prescribed by RMA Academic board.

Submitted application forms: acknowledgement of receipt and outcome

  1. Receipt: You will receive an SMS or email confirming receipt of your completed application form. All properly completed applications received will be considered.
  2. Outcome: You may expect an SMS telling you whether your application was successful by 9th  Please inquire only after 14 November if by that time you still have had no answer.

Please Note:
This Scholarship is only applicable to new & current students who are interested in studying or continue studying with Revolution Media Academy and not any other institution.