Video Production

Short Course: Video Production

Non Credit Bearing
  • 10 Weeks Part time Study
  • Applications are available year-round. However, it’s important to highlight that the program begins twice a year, specifically on Saturdays, providing a part-time schedule.

Learners will undergo internal assessment, which includes both formative and summative assignments, tests, and projects. Upon successful completion of the summative assessment, participants will become eligible for certification in the short course.

Video Editor: Craft engaging narratives by editing footage, adding effects, and enhancing visuals to create captivating videos for various platforms.

Cinematographer: Shape the visual style of films and videos through the selection of camera angles, lighting, and composition.

Videographer: Capture dynamic footage for events, documentaries, commercials, and more, utilizing your technical and creative skills behind the camera.

Freelance Filmmaker: Enjoy the flexibility of freelancing, working on a variety of projects ranging from documentaries to short films.

To enroll, simply apply online. There is no application fee required. However, upon acceptance, you will need to make a deposit payment or adhere to your designated payment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our Video Production Course, we provide comprehensive training using a range of industry-standard software. Specifically, we focus on hands-on experience with Final Cut Pro, a powerful video editing tool known for its professional features and user-friendly interface. Additionally, we introduce you to other essential software used in the field to ensure a well-rounded skillset. This diverse approach equips you with the knowledge and expertise to succeed in various aspects of video production.

A high school matriculation certificate is not prerequisite for enrolling in this course. If you do not possess a Matric certificate and have a minimum of grade 10, you can register for this short course.

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